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Liz Dharmana

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Brows by design

This is my most coveted SPMU procedure. You will never look back, unless its to wonder why you waited so long to have this incredibly popular, beauty-enhancing procedure! Frame your eyes, accentuate cheekbones, bring out the colour of your eyes, the benefits listed by happy clients goes on…

Colours and tones, shapes and the very latest techniques are bespoke for you! Dimensions are measured and aesthetically tailored for your face shape, applied in the most flattering and natural way. Sensitive skins will benefit, also people who enjoy sports, or those who have simply over plucked their brows over the years and desire a more youthful look. No more filling in brows each day, saving valued time!

SPMU by Liz
SPMU by Liz

Eyelash enhancement and eye-liner

This gives the look of a thicker lash line, but is undetectable to a naked eye, and is a very natural look but also very flattering. For those who wear eyeliner daily and also those who have trouble applying a fine smooth line, close to lashes. The option to go thicker, for a more glamorous look is an option, also different colours are available, for upper and lower lash line.

Lip-liner, lip blush or full lip colour

In a range of natural and more glamorous colours, helps with lipstick ‘bleeding’ and can correct a pale or bluish lip tone, also can even out asymmetric lip as well as give lips a fuller, plumper look. A full lip colour will allow you to gloss and go!

SPMU by Liz

What to expect when you have a semi-permanent make-up procedure (SPMU)

A consultation is advised before any SPMU procedure to discuss what it is you desire in terms of colour, shape and also what you wish and expect to achieve. I will take any relevant medical history and advise you if the treatment is suitable for you, followed by your skin patch test. Answering any queries you may have regarding SPMU

Semi permanent make up procedures normally require at least one top up session 4-6 weeks after your initial application. This is when we can perfect your initial treatment giving you the choice to go darker and thicker, make the colour warmer/cooler, depending on how you’ve healed, and hopefully achieving what you want from your chosen procedure.

Immediately after your first sitting, be prepared for the pigment colour to be significantly bolder and darker as the area tattooed will be blanched due to anaesthetic, and skin/hair drenched with pigment. This will become lighter as the tissue heals usually within two weeks of the treatment, your treated area will heal, peel and fade by around 40% then again become more visible. You must avoid water, shower jets, profuse sweating and make-up for the first 24 hours afterwards.

Once your treatment is completed you will have your desired look lasting you up to 3 years, I recommend a touch up every 18-24 months. To keep colour fresh and your look polished, a small amount of brow powder is recommended, especially if you previously had sparse brows, prior to SPMU, this will help avoid the shine sometimes seen on tattooed brows.

SPMU by Liz

About Me

I'd worked within the beauty industry in London since 1990 for Japanese cosmetic giant Kanebo, and returned to Liverpool to study beauty & hair design. I am trained in all aspects of cosmetic tattooing, as well as Microblading & Nano-brows as well as a degree in nursing. I am insured with Holistic Insurance

I keep up to date with the latest in SPMU, Meso Vytal skin needling rejuvination & I'm a lover of all things fashion forward.

Please contact me if you have ANY questions at all, no matter how small!

Many thanks and I look forward to meeting you & giving you amazing SPMU!

Information about your treatment

Skin test will be performed on the day of treatment but LI pigments have had no known reactors in 22 years internationally & this is the professional choice. LI pigments are one of the best pigments worldwide which stay truer-longer. Gamma sterilised & hypoallergenic.

I use a very affective local anaesthetic (numbing agent) which eliminates discomfort. All products used are single use & fully sterile.

Before treatment do not sunbathe or use solarium/sun-bed for one week before this procedure. Skin will bleed and serum will pour out on piercing and in turn, push out pigment.

Please wash your hair before procedure as water will need to be avoided the week following tattooing.

You should treat the tattooed area like a wound afterwards. Healing period is over the following week to 10 days but the full healing period, before perfecting top-up is 4 to 6 weeks.

The finished product is 4 to 6 weeks from top-up, touch-ups are recommended at yearly but please remember to use a good, high SPF of at least 30 on your tattooed/microbladed area in sunshine.

Get in touch

For bookings & consultations, you can contant me by phone, email or social media.

I am situated next to Hightown train station (Southport route).

Take a look at my Instagram page for my latest creations.

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SPMU by Liz,
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